Ines Serodio

Inês Serôdio

Astrological birth chart & current moment reading.

Astrology is a symbolic language that starts from the observation and interpretation of astronomical movements, in the light of mythology, psychology and other disciplines. The birth chart translates the energetic relationship between one person and the stars into an individual framework (called chart or map), but the way each person experiences it will depend on their free will.

So the knowledge of your chart provides the understanding of the way you choose (consciously or unconsciously) to live: taking advantage of the current or paddling against the tide. Hence, combined with the Coaching tools of conversation and questioning, it opens doors to reflect on (and possibly change or adapt) your way of living, your values and beliefs that rule your behavior towards yourself, others and any situation in life.

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Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading


with Inês Serôdio

Personal New and Full Moon Readings 🌑🌕

Personal New and Full Moon Readings 🌑🌕


In this monthly subscription you will receive personal audio readings (via email) every New and Full Moon based on your chart. I'll adress how the current energies of the New and Full Moon affect you and in what areas opportunities may arise from those same energies. ✨🌑🌕