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Sara Garanty

Aura reading with clairvoyant and intuitive Sara Garanty.

Your aura is your colourful energy field and protection unique to you - it reflects how you are feeling, the experiences you have and can help us understand who we are. It can be damaged but also healed and strengthened. 

During one hour meeting via zoom I will draw the colours in your aura. Each chakra and energy field gives away different colours. 

The energy fields connected to the chakras, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual field. I look at details, differences, and limits and inspire you to get a hold of your energies and make them more vibrant and in phase. My speciality is to help people and Starseeds to unblock energies, so you can get a clear path to your soul mission and path on earth. After the session you will get a picture of the aura drawing and a text about your colours, both the one you have and the colours you could be using more of. The session can be held in Swedish or in english.

Sara Garanty
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