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Swirl's main goal is to help people reach and maintain higher levels of sustainable existential well-being.

The problem we see today is that the impact of many guides' activities are not measurable. At the same time, we see few options where they can get measurable feedback and, in the long run, legitimacy for the services and sessions they offer.

​By generating and displaying data on how the services offered by the guides via Swirl affect individuals' levels of long-term existential well-being, we hope to demonstrate its relationship to good holistic health throughout most of life. We also hope that the data will be able to show the social impact of the sessions and in this way get the authorities to redirect more capital to preventive measures.

Both United Nations Agenda 2030 goal no. 3 Good Health and Well-Being as WHO's "special initiative for mental health (2019-2023)" has ambitious and very welcome goals. We are incredibly happy that mental well-being is a top priority. WHO's vision is "All people achieve the highest standard of mental health and well-being" and their "special initiative target" is "100 million more people to have access to mental health care by 2023".

We don't see existential well-being as a quick fix, but something you with sense and balance continuously maintain and are aware of throughout your life journey.


We believe it is important that tech entrepreneurs delve into deep-rooted social problems to see how technology can best be used as a tool to create positive and measurable change in the world.


Malin Andersson and Joakim Ljungblad started Swirl to become and be a key player in existential well-being and create fundamental system change in the world. After building and scaling a more traditionally VC-funded startup for just over 4 years, we realized we wanted to create something that was more aligned with our core values ​​and had a direct positive impact on people's well-being.

Malin and Joakim have worked together for over 7 years and know each other's strengths and weaknesses well. Both have solid experience as co-founders in startups, Malin as sales manager and responsible for growth; Joakim as CTO and to design and build products from scratch. Both excel when it comes to finding 'product-market fit' and strategic thinking.

Swirl is a bootstrapped venture and we are looking to build a sustainable company that will grow over time. 

Our Story

Swirl is the world's first platform for existential well-being. We are an innovative startup that develop software to promote existential well-being among individuals.


We work to facilitate and enhance the work of guides by 1) providing a platform where guides manage their interactions with individuals over time and 2) generating and displaying data on how the services offered by guides via our software positively affect individuals' levels of long-term existential well-being. 


Read what Swirl will look like when we reached 100% of our vision.


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