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Save time by automating your customer flow

We integrate with Stripe, Calendly, Zapier and more so that you can manage everything from Swirl.

Keep your files organised and in one place.

Share videos, images and other files with your clients directly in your Spaces.

Your community

Build your own thriving community. Give access for free or with a monthly recurring subscription*.

Swirl Spaces are micro-communities where you can engage with your clients, customers, superfans and followers.

Sessions, courses, communities and memberships - for you and your clients.

Streamline all of your client communication while building your community.

Community first platform for coaches

Smoothly host 1-on-1 sessions, courses, communities and memberships.

Kristi Ann

Intentional Reality Coach, Intuitive Channel & Healer

Brandi Daniels

Marketing Strategist & Human Design Reader

Sara Garanty

Color and aura

A Social Impact Company

We believe it is important that tech entrepreneurs delve into deep-rooted social problems to see how technology can best be used as a tool to create positive and measurable change in the world.

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Spaces are created automatically when you use Calendy or Acuity Scheduling for 1-1's, groups or webinar-bookings. Your clients are automatically invited to join the conversation with you on Swirl inside a shared Space.

Each Space works as a micro-community where clients can communicate and access resources you and other members share.


Everyone who has ever booked a 1-1 or group session with you will automatically be invited to your Swirl community.

Build your thriving community. Give access to members for free or with a monthly recurring subscription.

€59.00 / Mo

Everything in one plan, 14-day free trial, cancel anytime. 20% discount on an annual plan

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