The world's first platform for existential well-being

Beautifully manage your sessions, courses and community in one place. 

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Each session has its own space. Share resources and communicate with clients. Upload recordings from previous sessions. Clients can post and comment in the space.  

Click on a member to see all historical and future sessions, resources and communication. Send member a private message to book new session or check-in.

Keep the conversation going in your community, all clients will automatically be added to your community. Share offerings, information and resources. You and clients can post, comment and interact.

Those seeking guidance can find and book all your current sessions via your public landing page on Swirl.

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A social impact startup

We believe it is important that tech entrepreneurs delve into deep-rooted social problems to see how technology can best be used as a tool to create positive and measurable change in the world.


What is Swirl?

Swirl is the world's first platform for existential well-being. Read our vision to learn more.

How can I give Swirl a try?

We are currently in private-beta but are launching soon with a 14-day free trial! Leave your email here and be the first to know when we launch.

Can I upload my recorded sessions in Swirl?

Yes, in Swirl you can upload your recorded sessions and we will store them for you. No more need to have your own Vimeo account or share video files via Dropbox, Transferwise or Google Drive.

Do I need to change my booking system?

No, Swirl simply integrates with your booking system. We pull in sessions and event details so you can easily manage all of your sessions, resources and client communications in Swirl.  

How do clients access their sessions, resources and communications?

Client can view their session details and resources via a magic link that will be shared via their email. If they want to interact via commenting in the sessions they will be asked to create their own Swirl account.